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This morning a song appeared in the radio and my entire Family sang enthusiastically! Including me!

It’s a classic from a past where chansons werent “pimped” with Synthies and Beatboxes. But that’s not the point here. I discovered the Song in the Film “oss 117 Cairo Nest of Spies” with Jean Dujardin (the Name!!!). Possibly the best James Bond Parody ever! In fact, I think this is actually the best Bond-Film in the last 20 Years! But wait, this isn’t a Bond parody at all!

OSS117 was invented before Bond and also had his own Cinema-series.

But i’m getting off track again. My favorite film-agent is Lemmy Caution by the way.

The film-parody is based on the Algerian singer Lili Boniche’s Version. It is said, that the original version is from Mario Marini, but I’m not shure about that. In those times one Hit spread over the World in one Million Versions.

I also have a Version for all you Campers out there. A real Gem from Dalida, an italian girl raised in? Yes Cairo!

Hope to gave you a nice earwig! (I hope this is understandable in english! means catchy song)


Arcades are Art


When i fell in Love and became part of the installation “A Few Free Years”, 1998 of Jason Rhoades 2007 in the “Hamburger Bahnhof” in Berlin, it became the summer of my life! When other people where busy bathing in the sun i tried my very best to use my last chance to improve my personal highscores on the original machines. I felt like we (a  korean guy and a dark-haired girl who where there quite as often as me) were the people this installment was ment to be.  Well chosen machines in there. While stated in the catalog as machines only from the Year 1976, this is arrogant bullshit! splendid Classics like Pong(not working), Defender, Centipide, Burgertime, Robotron, Terminator2, Galaxians, Galaga, Space invaders, Star wars, and of course Pacman and Donkeykong! Simply put: My paradise! But anyway, that’s History.

Oh, BTW my personal Robotron-highscore:

Why I write this is the fact is that i found another artist (team) that deals in the arcade-buisnes. From Faile and Bast deluxx Fluxx Arcade in the Lazarides Galary, 8 GREEK STREET – W1D 4DG FEB. 12TH – MAR. 27TH – 2010 in London. This time there are no classics technically on-screen, because the artist made up their own streetart-pseudo-mockup-games. But that’s ok. While not being on such a high level as the work of Jason Rhoades in my personal opinion, I still have to give those guys Credits for their really nice, punky streetartdesign of the modded Chassis. And please visit their Homepage to see/download all the details. I would love to have this “dungeon” somewhere in my flat!

Torta pasqualina


I feel sick today. Not much, but I have a headache since Yesterday and i feel kinda week. That didn’t prevent me from making one of my favourite easter-meals: Torta pasqualina!

and that’s how the real deal looked like: