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Hilda Art 04


Rock’n Roll!

Hildas erstes Graffiti (Oder “Streetart”, wenn ihr jünger als 30 seid)

Mit Pappas Markern auf die Tapete!
Ich glaube, das sollte der Maulwurf sein. Den wollte sie immer von ihrem Bett aus sehen können.

Hilda, (“Maulwurf”), 04. September 2009

Hilda’s first Graffiti, or streetart if you are under the age of 30.




This morning a song appeared in the radio and my entire Family sang enthusiastically! Including me!

It’s a classic from a past where chansons werent “pimped” with Synthies and Beatboxes. But that’s not the point here. I discovered the Song in the Film “oss 117 Cairo Nest of Spies” with Jean Dujardin (the Name!!!). Possibly the best James Bond Parody ever! In fact, I think this is actually the best Bond-Film in the last 20 Years! But wait, this isn’t a Bond parody at all!

OSS117 was invented before Bond and also had his own Cinema-series.

But i’m getting off track again. My favorite film-agent is Lemmy Caution by the way.

The film-parody is based on the Algerian singer Lili Boniche’s Version. It is said, that the original version is from Mario Marini, but I’m not shure about that. In those times one Hit spread over the World in one Million Versions.

I also have a Version for all you Campers out there. A real Gem from Dalida, an italian girl raised in? Yes Cairo!

Hope to gave you a nice earwig! (I hope this is understandable in english! means catchy song)

Torta pasqualina


I feel sick today. Not much, but I have a headache since Yesterday and i feel kinda week. That didn’t prevent me from making one of my favourite easter-meals: Torta pasqualina!

and that’s how the real deal looked like:

Tilt-shift Sumo


Sumo is some short of tilt-shifting in its own. Groundbumping colosses trying to kick the other one from earth …eg But this is some real neat video, i think:

spotted on: Pink Tentacle, Video: Bitter Girls

My new Hobby


I have a new Hobby!

It’s: checking the air for Wlans/wifi to see whats their name! It’s totaly awesome!I got an ipod touch lately and i’m so amazed about the wifi-feature of this thing. I constantly walk arround checking for wifis and see their name. I am addicted to this already! It’s a wonder i am still alive and didn’t get hit by a truck or something!

This is some sort of virtual graffiti or wifi-lan-poetry. Realy! I am amazed how much creativity and effort people put in this matter. In my barrio:

  • Die Looser
  • Hal 9000
  • werdasliestistdoof (who reads this is an idiot) – a real classic!
  • nasensprayjunkie (nosesprayjunky)
  • charlesmansonfamilyserver
  • crashtestserver
  • brucelee
  • ökoschlampe (?)
  • gadafi
  • matrix (gähn! moahn!)
  • Marius_rockt
  • Leonardo Davinchi (a pizzarestaurant!)

And whats more fun: To think why and how they ever had chosen this name. What kind of people call their station: “Popelhöhle”(snot-cavern)?

And even more fun to see how people interact or you can actually say “slowchat” via their wlans! A week ago some guy called his station: “Fc bayern“. Then, after a view days, some guy called his wifistation:”lederhosenhasser” (leathertrousers-hater) then the first guy changed the name to:”LHH-hasser” next day: some wlan called “Herta bsc” (another soccer-club) apeared. Now the first two changed to “herta go home” and “Herta-hasser“. Issn’t that great?

In my neighbourhood there is one called “Schatzinsel” and the other “Long John Silver”

Also some realy funny examples for funny Wlan-names: (my favourite is “we can hear you having sex” ^_^),700993/Galerie-Die-schraegsten-und-abgefahrensten-WLAN-Namen/Fun/News/

As much as i enjoy the others names i am too lazy to think of a good one for myself. So ours still got a name like Alice4 8 15 16 23 42. Some neighbor also wasnt too much into choosing funny names and just sticks to “horst_kaulap_lan”. Come on!

Ok, Sorry!


It was a hassle to convert the old messages. Nearly a day!

Besides that i like to thank all you guys who helped me , you know who you are!

…and…sorry, I don’t know how to import your comments here. It was 4 anyway.

If you like, you are more than invited to make these comments again.

I will reward you with sweeties!

Yes, hello World, ^O^


This my second attempt, to start a blog. My provider offered one, but I wassn’t too happy with it, because there where too many limitations. I think they feared the traffic for some bloggs. I don’t think mine will have that much, but a little audience would be nice!

One of the limitations was: I could not change the appearance (meaning the measures) of the previewpics. Which is lame. I don’t want to click every thumbnail and wait for the HD-version of the Pic, just to get the pun, irony or whatever of the author. And i believe: you don’t want to, either.

However, i hope i get along with world press much better. This might motivate me to write more in my free time.

Right now, i’ll be busy feeding the old messages into the new system. THAT’S SO BORING…

*hoping it isn’t a bad sign if the first post ends with the word”Boring”*

at least not blogroll...

Hallo Welt!


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Brandenburger Turret?

Zugegeben erst dachte ich, das ganze sei eine Optik, hervorgerufen durch allzu euphorischem Alkoholkonsum (siehe unten), doch dann machte ich sicherheitshalber ein Foto und bitte:
Was dachten die sich dabei?
Ist dem Grafiker kurz vor dem Druck ne Spline spazieren gegangen?
Wenn die schon ihre Karren nicht in Schuss halten können, so dass wir die nächsten 6 Jahre oder so gezwungen sind chaotische Abfahrtszeiten hinzunehmen. Können die nicht mal einen Prüfandruck machen?
…und wofür nochmal haben wir die jährlichen Kartenpreiserhöhungen hingenommen?
Tz! Idioten!My first thought had been, the whole thing must be an optical illusion, caused by all too euphoric consumption of alcohol (see below), but then I made a photo for safety’s sake and ask now:
What where they thinking?
Is this the way they want to present their city’s idol and their company as a whole? Are they for real?
All citicens suffer from shedule-relais and far too little trains and therefore longer waitingtimes. What’s the point asking for more fare every Year? They are simply put greedy as f**k!



Ich war gester in der Ausstellungseröffnung von “aerosol fumes” und es war prächtig. Hierbei handelt es sich um den Versuch die 5 besten Stencil-Künstler Berlins unter ein Dach zu bringen. Was BOHOMAZ, CZARNOBYL, EMESS, EVOL, PISA73 hier veröffentlichen ist auf technischer Ebene sowieso beeindruckend.
Dementsprechend wurde die Eröffnung auch gut und viel aufgenommen.
Doch herrausragend für mich war vor allen Bohomaz, dessen Installation in den Raum hineinzuwachsen scheint wie eine Wucherung und in ebendieser offensiven Anmutung die Lebendigkeit und den Nachdruck zeigt, der den anderen Arbeiten abgeht. Wenn man weis, wieviel Disziplin die Herstellung einer Schablone kostet, sowie der planerische oder improvisierte künstlerische Prozess um dann ein solch unangepasstes und lebendiges Werk zu schaffen gleicht der Punkt zwischen “schaffen” und “fertig” dem Zentrum einer Punktspiegelung. Doch das ist nur eine Ebene, die mir besonders imponiert hat. Das Werk ist keineswegs zweidimensional. Doch die kunstmarkttauglichen Dechiffrierungen reichen hier bei weitem nicht aus, um alle Level zu erfassen. Dieses Werk lebt beim Betrachten.
Aber ich will mich kurz halten. Daher einfach ein Foto und der Link:


Also geht hin, lasst euch umwerfen, steht wieder auf und lasst euch verzaubern! Eine gute Ausstellung!!! I’ve been to the Vernissage of “AEROSOL FUMES”.

It’s been Awesome! It’s the attempt to bring the five best berlin stencil-artists BOHOMAZ, CZARNOBYL, EMESS, EVOL, PISA73 together in one exhibition. On the technical level they all succeed to impress anyway. Accordingly, the opening was received well and full of people. The Artist that impressed me most was Bohomaz, whose installation in the room seems to grow like vines in his very offensive expression. It shows the vitality and appearance that i miss in the other work. If you know how much discipline is needed to produce a stencil and the hard work of an artistic progression just to end in such an unique, and lively work defines the dot between “work” and “finished” as the center of a point reflection. But this is only one aspect that has impressed me particularly. The work is far from two-dimensional. But deciphering the work with the usual methods that the artbusiness does is far from sufficient to cover all levels. This artwork lives from watching.
But I will keep short. Therefore, just a photo and the link: